Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Before now, this actress was no doubt known as a regular customer to the media when it comes to the issue of scandals and controversies. One will be wondering what has suddenly influenced her to be a friend of press over night, as she saw pressmen at the entrance of an event where she was told that many people were bounced from entering the event center by the men in black, Lola was said to have been so afraid that she feared embarrassed, which made her to try her luck. Then she told the pen pushers that she was coming that she just wanted to take something inside. But our dear Lola Alao got stopped at the entrance of 10 Degree Event Center, Oregun Lagos, on Saturday 27 last month, during the tight security wedding of controversial and newly-married actress, Mercy Johnson. Lola, we gathered, when she got to the entrance, was trembling, as a result of the sight of the huge-statured bouncers, where she was said to have been controlled like a bouncing ball or like a table tennis. She showed her invitation card to one of them, from their they were controlling her like remote, thank God for intervention of men in black who came to her rescue by instructing the bouncers to let her in. Subsequent to that, Sister Lola, who said earlier she wanted to take something inside was no where to be found as she was just sat sempe around the corners of the event center, not until she was satisfied and took her leave. But the question on the lips of bad belles is that: is it by force to grace Mercy’s wedding?

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