Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Contrary to the achievement that this sexy actress Lizzy Anjorin, has achieved so far, there are lots of beefing among her colleagues which we gathered, informed the idea of disseminating many bad tales on the pages of newspaper and magazines about the star actress. One of it is the news that said she has opened a kiosk a la Paraga Joint, in Abule Egba, Lagos; the other one has it that she is rollicking in affair with Dejo Tunfulu, which yours sincerely went further to confirm, but in our findings, the news was totally false and fabricated. Her newly opened store Peak Me is situated at number 555 Awori Bus stop Abule Egba, where every one could visit and testify to it. Lizzy is surely one of being movers and shakers in the society, and this is because of her dress sense and the way she probably comports herself at most functions. In fact, Lizzy will definitely take a comfortable position on the list of top Nigerian movie stars with great ability for script interpretations which elucidates why she is on top of her game as a revered actress cum business woman. While her love for beautification is very anonymous to many, it is not new to those who know her in and outside; especially in the movie world. The mother of one, Lizzy marveled her friends and customers who could no longer be recognized dew to the skin diseases in her office at the above-mentioned address. Aside that, the ever smiling actress, we can reveal to you has also delved into interior decoration as she is being called upon to decorate newly built homes and offices. Hear her when she was asked about her new vocation, “I have been on it for so long but this is anonymous to many people, simply because I don’t hang an hair about it or rather there was no time to practice these things then, I only do this for few people that are close to me, probably in my house or theirs. But now that there’s a big office for me, I thought this is the time for me to extend it to the public, and I thank God that people are responding. Then on the fictitious story of Dejo and Paraga joint, they are totally erroneous and completely out of fact and simply fallacious. Thank God that you are here and you can see, does this place look like a kiosk? As for Dejo, it is not up to seven times that I have set my eyes on Dejo ever in my life, and this is with all due regards to Dejo a fellow actor, so where is this one coming from?” Lizzy Anjorin blurted.

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