Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Talk about Dee Jays in Nigeria, Jimi Adewale Amu popularly known as DJ Jimmy Jatt is surely number one among others, due to his dexterity on the wheels of steel. In this interview with News of the People’s GBOLAHAN ADETAYO, this Ijebu Ode-born multi-talented entertainer spoke on his foray into the entertainment industry. Enjoy the excerpts:

You were popularly known as a versatile DJ, but now it seems that you have dropped the interest as you have now delved into music. How about that?
I have not delved into music, I am a DJ first of all, and so will that qualify me to be a musician? And of course I got into DJ from being an aspiring artiste, I was going to make music, I was shopping around with my demo. But I developed the interest when I started DJ and I felt comfortable with DJ. But the album I did is more like a DJ, hosting artistes so you won’t hear me singing or rapping but of course I host artistes on my records. Right now I’m working on a new compilation, so it is not something I do every time every year, it is once in a long while. It is just some thing I love doing and I keep doing it as I can keep doing it.
No doubt it is a fact that musicians always run to DJs to break their first teeth, how many musicians has pass through your needle hole?
I think I have touched every body’s music, I’m always in support of people’s efforts, and it is good. If the music is nonsense, I won’t touch it, even if you are my blood brother, I will throw it away, but if you mimic fantastic music, I don’t need to know you or have see your face before I will play it, I know that a lots of them do bribe themselves out so that their music can be played by DJs but I don’t do that, If you need to offer me a kobo, if your music is good I find it and play and that is how it has been for me from the genesis.
Can you shed more light on the compilation you said you are working on?
There’s no need for expatiation. I have released one in the past that over fifty artistes featured in it; so is going to take same format this time, and definitely there’s no too much explanation, the job will speak for itself. If you get the definition, you will definitely understand what the album is all about.
Do you also have flair for movie?
I have done one two movies in the past, that have not been released, I’m just open to any challenge that comes my way, but I am not going to be an actor. You might just see me playing some role in some movies, but that doesn’t qualify me to be an actor. It’s just that it made me somebody that was needed at that time and I was used.

As one of the biggest fishes in the entertainment world, how will you rate Nigerian music?
Nigerian music industry is tremendously growing up and I think it is going to be one of the biggest in the nearest future, but unfortunately, the rate at which the industry is growing is a bit not at the right pace; you know some department of music, I mean business and the monetary aspect of it is out of it totally. Some artistes have made music that millions of people play every where and such artistes can not afford a bicycle for themselves let alone a car; the industry is growing but not with money. The music and talent is there but the money and business aspect of it is not exactly fantastic. The only people worldwide we can place above Nigerian music in time of music are probably the Americans, and that is understandable. If you take a critical look at the African entirely, we are the biggest without a doubt; we are championing African music worldwide. I have been every where in the world and I have seen how people embrace Nigeria music. I see a lot of growth in the Nigerian music industry and hope the business aspect of it will come up soon.
So if not for entertainment what will you have become by now?
I can’t fantasize that, I have been a DJ for a long time, I have even forgotten what I was planning to become in the future.
How many Dee Jays have you empowered to gain a stand in the society?
A lot of them, I have trained DJs all my life, from DJ WAXES, in South Africa to DJ Osaro in London to DJ Sori in Asia to Fucking Jay and the rest of them in Nigeria, DJ is not something of a black board theory, we are used in the school where your teacher will tell you that two plus two minus three is equal to one, training a DJ is not a class stuff. I have trained a lot of them, starting from people that used to clean my shoes to become a bread winner in their family and those are the graduates of my own school. And they have done very well for themselves. I mean talking about top ten DJs in Africa, two or three DJs that passed through me will make the list.
What of marital life?
I am married. I have been married for fifteen years with two kids; and just like Obama, I have two daughters.
Where do you hail from?
I am a Nigerian, one of the issues we have in this country is tribalism, people draw lines, suggesting that this and that are my brothers which is not supposed to be, I don’t really dwell on tribalism, I am actually from Ogun State, Ijebu Ode, precisely, you see people tribal sing themselves, this is an Ijebu man, Igbo or Hausa, we are all Nigerians.
You speak like a Jamaican, can your still speak you language, I mean your dialect?
Of course I can, but there’s no need for that, I speak Yoruba and at the same time I speak Ijebu as well.
Okay, right now, can your say hello to your fans in your language?
Eso e ewe temi ni ijebu kiri mi happened, but I don’t dwell in that, because it is one of the problems we have in this country, draw lines.
What will you wish the couple of today, for having a successful wedding?
I wish them happy married life; I wish them all the blessings that come after marriage.
No doubt Mercy Johnson’s marriage has been tagged with many controversies; to your own view do you think this marriage is a long journey affair?
The crashing of marriage is not peculiar to the industry, it is a worldwide stuff, people in the banking industry marry and divorce, the only reason while it seems that it is too common in the entertainment industry because we are always in the news. If it happens ten times in the entertainment world you will hear about it, but if it happens in the banking world for hundred times you won’t hear about it; it is not peculiar to us alone, I have been married for fifteen years now and my marriage is still waxing strong.


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