Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Not too long ago, sultry actress Halima Abubakar was dazzled with an award as best actress of the year at the Global News Awards, which registered her name in the list of Nigeria’s most successful and best actresses in Nigeria especially in the Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo genres of Nollywood. Then, this actress was so happy without knowing that the biggest entertainment Award was in the offing lurking around in the corner for her. And like a whirlwind, Halima beat the likes of her contemporaries Ini Edo, Tonto Dike and Omoni Oboli to bag the coveted City People’ s Best English Actress of the Year 2011award. Recently, the obviously elated multiple award winner, spoke to News of the People’s GBOLAHAN ADETAYO on her exploits in the make-believe world and other issues hitherto unknown about the actress. Enjoy the excerpts….
Congratulations on the award?
Thank you so much.
How do you feel being the winner of City People Award as Best English Actress of the year?
I will just say many thanks to the organizers, because right now I’m really short of words, but God bless everyone that supported me in achieving this.
Did you have any premonition before now of bagging any of the awards here today?
Not at all, I just came here with an open mind, just being contented to be among the nominees. I have the likes of Tonto Dike, Ini Edo, Omoni Oboli, so I was totally not expecting anything from the category, but fortunately for me, I was announced the eventual winner, and I’m so happy for that because all other nominees are equally good, but then only one person can win.
For how long have you be dreaming for this achievement?
Wow! Not too long ago, during the Global News Awards, I won the Best Actress Award, and this is the second award coming from City People. It is totally unbelievable and of course I have always wanted to win City People best actress like every other actress and I’m glad that today the dream has come to pass.
For the fact that you are now reeling in an ocean of success, what will you attribute this achievement to?
Obviously, God almighty, He’s the ultimate that has been behind me every time, and I pray He continues to be, all things being equal.
So far so good, how would you rate the Nigerian entertainment industry, especially with the array of awards coming your way from different organizations?
Once again, let me say God bless every one in the industry; it means we are doing well, people are recognizing what I am doing and I’m proud of that. Nigerians have embraced me, especially the media, thank you so much for making me who I am today, and I also thank all those that have supported my career to this extent. May God bless you all. The Nigerian entertainment no doubt has come to stay and this is cheering news.
Right now, what are you planning ahead in terms of giving back to the society so that the upcoming acts and layman on the street could benefit from you directly or indirectly?
I will say that I’m a mother to a lot of younger generation. I hold lessons and I give advices to people that are related directly or indirectly to me and I also share love everywhere I go; so I think so far, I’m doing really well for the younger generation because any where I meet them they seek for advice which I always avail them of.
Aside movies, what other things are you engaged in?
So many, I’m into businesses all of which are legitimate, but not as tasking and challenging as in my immediate constituency, which is acting.
Businesses! Could you expatiate on this?
I’m into eatery, farming and everything you can thing of as long as they are not illegal. I am a consummate business woman, and I have been doing this for a long time. No doubt, I have been enjoying myself doing all these things without any fear of contradiction.
Interesting, but how do you marry all these with your notable acting career?
I have some people from my family involved in all these concerns. I am not directly involved, I am only a co-director. (Laughs….)
Not too long ago you celebrated your birthday and ten years on stage, could you share with your fans the journey so far?
Wow! It’s not been easy, considering the ups and downs, but right now I am forgetting the past. I don’t want to remember it at all; perhaps that is why they call it past tense.
Without being immodest, could you tell us when the wedding bells will ring?
I’m not searching, I am in a relationship and that is all I can say for now.
So who is the guy?
You shouldn’t worry about that, you will get to know him soonest.
When exactly will the relationship be cemented?
When the time comes, you will be one of the first to know.
Congratulations once again Halima
You are welcome

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