Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Ageless but ever ravishing screen goddess, Idowu Philips a.k.a Iya Rainbow, a.k.a Golden Mother, as she is fondly refers by her admirers, is no doubt has edge over her equal formidable colleagues in the movie industry. The gorgeous Norse turned actress we can tell you needs no introduction in the entertainment industry, precisely in the Yoruba movie genre. But if her name still dazzle, let us tell you who she is, she is the actress who was and still canvassing for the Estate of late Alade Aromire known as Yotomi Estate, who owns a broadcast media (Disk Communication), a cable television station in Nigeria, who was the first Nigerian actor to make home video in the olden days but lost his life in an auto accident few years back. Hope you can recall the identity by now? Yes, Iya Rainbow, we gathered, while others will be giving a script to work on any time they are in movie location. mama we scooped she doesn’t takes mere script from producers or directors but master script so that she can have better understanding of the job and who to work with her at location, and also know if he or she is capable or not so as to proffer adjustment, and there is no producer that perhaps want her in his or her movie that will joke with her. This, we gathered, made her hit the highest point amid others.

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