Wednesday, 7 September 2011


As things are going, it seems that things are not as rosy as it’s supposed to be with these two birds of the same feather as they both snubbed each other at an event recently. And going by the information at our disposal, then we can tell you that these are definitely not the best of times for this hip hop singer Bimpe Suzan Harvey otherwise known as Goldie as she was said to have beefed her colleague who is a gospel singer Bouqui at an event held at Grandeur Event Center, Billings Way, Oregun Ikeja Lagos, Sunday July 31 2011.
Going by the information, Goldie was said to have first come to the event before Bouqui and she was not too far from her, whereby she can easy say hello to Bouqui but she obstinately ignored her, while Bouqui also was alleged of the same offence. Which made may people at the event to suspect if things are in good order with them, but all through, Goldie was said to have been fuming to the extent that when her character changed from the usual one, people began to fall out of their seats for another. The information has it that when Bouqui was displaying her talent on stage, Goldie we gathered, could not cheer her up or encourage her as other guests at the event, during the Nigeria Photography Awards, were thrilled and elated when the gospel rapper Bouqui mounted the stage to dish out her stuff. A friend of Goldie or her P.A who was with her then felt ashamed for her as everyone around focused their attention on her and she was busy playing with phone, told her to cheer up but Goldie’s responds was a kind of suspicious one. And when the pressmen wanted to ask on the reason why she acted like that, the City People female musician of the year didn’t make things easier as she was not making friends with anyone on the day. Information also has it that Goldie was to perform before Bouqui but due to the time schedule and the rushing, Bouqui performed and this we gathered made her fume and had to bolt out of the event center in apparent anguish.
Nevertheless, we called her mobile to hear her own part of the story before we go to press but her phone rang over and over without picking it up. We then sent her a text message with above headline, and then she replies to the reply the text. This is what her text read. “If people have to cook lies, at least, they should get right ingredients. Bouqui is a gospel rapper, I am a pop singer. So how do u make such lies? You are cooking a very tasteless meal, Mr. Reporter”. Subsequently, we gave her this message again “you were said to have beefed her when she was performing at the Nigeria Photography Awards, where you obstinately ignored her performance, busy with you phone, you couldn’t appreciate or encourage her after her performance to the extent that a friend or P.A of yours false you to encourage, but your reaction was totally awful and you left the venue instantly. How about that?” After this, it took her some hours to respond and when she did, she blurted “ Lol! what?” a second later, she sent us another text “ Good afternoon Mr. Gbolahan, I don’t have any “biff” as you referred to it in your text. I can’t remember the occasion you are talking about but I have always and would always support my colleagues. Thank you or for further explanation, you can talk to my publicist, on 08162549127” After her last message, we replied her that we are not interested in talking to anyone, all we need to know is the truth of the story and the venue where the saga occurred, the unfolding drama however took a very interesting twist when her publicist called to blast this reporter saying “why do you journalists like creating trouble when there is none. You just go and write it as she said and quote her that she has debunked it”. Well, we leave the matter in the court of public opinion, but we at this end still smell some rat over this matter. We shall keep you posted.

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