Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Pastor Ireti Elijah Ajanaku is the General Overseer, Christ Revival Victory Chapel International (CRVCI). The man of God whose God has been using mercifully for the low, the high and the mighty in the society spoke with GBOLAHAN ADETAYO, about his ministry, his bond with popular gospel artiste, Tope Alabi and many more. Enjoy it…
In the cost of your ministration, you’ve been to South Africa to preach the gospel, when are you proposing to go to UK, Canada and other continents to minister?
Everything has already been sketched but an issue of the night can’t be exposed in the morning and vice versa.
When are you kicking off your T.V/Radio programmes?
By God’s grace, the live television programme will start very soon and it will be called Pastor Ireti Ajanaku Live on TV.
What about the crusade you are planning to do, where and when would it start?
We would soon start the crusade at Blue Roof at LTV, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos.
Despite the heavy rain on your birthday, you came into the rain with your guests praying and blessing them; what informed this?
I was in the rain with my guests despite the fact that I was the celebrant, because they are also human beings. They came to celebrate with me and I see it as an opportunity to bless their lives.
Whenever you do any programme, I’ve noticed that there must at least be a drop of rain; do you have any covenant with rain?
It’s not really that I have covenant with rain but the day I accepted God, I told Him that let me have a sign because several prophets that God deal with have particular signs. After this, I discovered that suddenly, rain gathered on the sky, and fell heavily.

Christ Revival Victory Chapel is 16 years with no branch, what’s responsible for this and when would a branch emerge?
To have branches of the church is not really a problem, but the human materials. Several established churches that have branches know what they are going through; preparations are in top gear for the church to have branches. I can at this point inform you at this point that the church has just acquired 70 acres of land in Ejigbo in Ado Ota local government, Ogun State to build a cathedral, schools from Nursery to Secondary among other edifice for church activities
Popular gospel singer, Tope Alabi, is a member of your church, and whenever she releases any album, she always mentions your name, this has really caused a lot of controversies to the extent that people are insinuating that she has a special relationship with you; what’s the bond between Pastor Ireti Ajanaku and Tope Alabi?
If you are useful to someone’s life, and he/she understands the effectiveness of your impact in his/her life, he/she will definitely tell people about you. I’ve never for one day told Tope Alabi to sing about me in her album. People might be taking it to the canal level, but it’s not so. People should sit down and reason, when some continue to sing about you and talking about you, it’s not really about other things but goodwill.

How did you meet Tope Alabi?
I was invited to a programme over a decade ago and I’ve already sent representatives ahead. But later God just told me that I should go. On getting there, I was asked to preach. As at that time, Tope Alabi’s album, Ore Ti O Common, was just released but not popular. She was also at the programme with her husband. After the programme, she came to greet me and we departed; later when we wanted to do our church anniversary, we invited her to come and sing for us, as at that time, the church was still built with a plank. I just gave her about N2, 000. I was watching her whether she would be angry but she didn’t. The following week, she came for Sunday service and one Monday she came to my house with her husband and gave me N50, 000. When I was praying for them God revealed to me that they had N53,000 in their account, I told them that it’s not that I didn’t have money or valued the money they gave me but I’m surprised because I know the mystery behind the money they gave to me. I later inquired from them, what did they want God to do for them? The wife said house and husband said car. I discovered that they were arguing. After 30 minutes, they came and told me that they wanted to be busy singing the gospel around the world. At that time too, I discovered that they were looking for child and I prayed for her in the midst of people of our anniversary and I told her she was going to bring her own child four days to our next anniversary and God answered her and four days to the anniversary she gave birth to her child.

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