Wednesday, 7 September 2011

DEATH CONTROVERSY TRAILS FATAI ROLLING DOLLAR! Says I’m still waxing stronger, it was my band member that kicked the bucket in New York

The entire world is a stage, and it is not every human being that will definitely have every thing it entails to live long, better, comfortable and endowed, but the only unchangeable thing that is certain is death. Either you are rich or not, young or old, every one must wear the gown of death. Not too long ago, the sudden death of the contemporary African and folklore musician, Lady of songs, Christy Essien-Igbokwe whose burial arrangements are making the rounds now. Subsequent to that, another renowned comic actor Sam Loco was also said passed on last week while in his hotel room just as death has been looming on many top notch entertainment celebrities. And this has made the living ones in the industry run to their spiritual guardian for help. But before that, there was this news making the round about this sensational singer, whose glory started radiating in the twilight of his life, PA FATAI ROLLING DOLLARS, that he has also been cut out of the cake of Nigerian showbiz stars to meet their makers in the year 2011. SE, then obstinately refused to believe the false tale and went further to verify the truth of the story to support the claims or rather the unpleasant tale, but our effort to confirm the news proved to be the same with the rumour as the outcome of our investigation was almost similar as the people that are close to him were to tell us that Fatai’s whereabouts is anonymous to them, and his mobile number was not going through, throughout the week.
In our further investigation, we gathered that Rolling Dollars was out of the country in that particular week to perform in New York. But we were shocked to learn of his arrival from New York and pronto we place the call to him, only for the purported dead highlife maestro to answer us with the following. “You are right with the news at your disposal; I also heard the rumour in New York. I wasn’t the one that died; it was one of the members of my band. His name is Alaba Pedro, ex-band member of Roy Chicago, of the olden days, he died as a result of heart related disease, I assisted him to follow my band on a tour to New York to trade what I know how to do best which is singing, but unfortunately for me when we got there, I realized that he was not well, he started developing some funny sickness, without wasting time, I told him that we should be coming home of which he acceded but unluckily when it was an hour for us to land, he kicked the basket. And it was so painful. I didn’t pray to lose any of my band members, no matter how old they are, they are still at my back. May God rest his soul in peace. For those of you carrying false news about me, I’m not dead, I’m still waxing stronger. Rolling Dollars concluded. Information also has it that Rolling Dollar’s tour has not expired and he may spirit out any moment from now.

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