Wednesday, 7 September 2011

BENITA NZERIBE RECUPERATES Says: I wasn’t assailed by robbers

All work and no play or rest makes Jack a dull boy they say, but this time around, not only does it make jack dull boy, it also interferes in the issue of this agile, courageous, vibrant, talented, relentless, hardworking and beautiful damsel Benita Nzeribe, as she was knocked down last month by a strange illness which almost claimed her life. But thank God for the intervention of her family who hastily rushed her to an upscale hospital in G.R.A Apapa, Lagos, where the doctors there confirmed that it was only malaria. The information reaching us now revealed that she has regained her strength, and fully ready to continue her daily activities. However, not too long ago, it was reported by one of the renowned soft-sell magazines in Lagos that the coordinator for Anambra State Centre for Integrity and Development in Nigeria, Benita, was robbed few weeks back, but the actress debunked the report and cried out that she was not robbed by anybody, and that the news was totally false and fabricated. “I wonder why people will sit down in their houses and be cooking a very tasteless meal about me; I didn’t go to any location where armed robbers supposedly attacked me on my way back. The magazine that reported the news didn’t do its homework well before going to press”. Benita blurted.

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