Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Late actor Ashley Nwosu, who many described as not just an entertainer in the movie industry, especially in the Igbo movie genre, but a role model, might have still be at the moment been on the planet as a living soul, if what people that are close to the actor are saying is anything to rely on. The actor was reported to have been battling with cancer, which later claimed his life couple of months back, but there is an untold secret behind his sudden death. If death is what one can pay for in order live long, late Ashley Nwosu would have lived till eternity, because we heard that there was no effort he did not employ to live but as they normally say, every human being walking on earth wears death’s gown. So this may be the course. The amazing secret behind his sudden death, according to the information flying around, is that the late actor did conceal a lot, which led to his departure. He was said to have been asked by people around him when they noticed that some thing was actually going wrong with the actor, but he obstinately decided not to tell anyone, while some people inferred that it might not be what people thought killed the player that really killed him; that he probably must have been involved in secret-cult which they say claimed his life when they knew that it was time for them to do so as a result of his pledge. People!

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