Tuesday, 5 July 2011


This beautiful and ageless screen goddess, who just returned to where she decided to go again after she packed out from Femi Egyptian,

but later went back to him as wife, said in a statement with journalists in Lagos that she’s traveling to Birmingham city in London to shoot her new movie called Ese Mefa, which we learnt is address to our leaders in Nigeria about the way they suffered the nation and to the Nigerian youths who only go on the facebook to chat, rather than going online for research on what to do for survival in as much Nigeria leaders are greedy and passionate on how to convert government properties to self-owned possessions by selling PHCN, NNPC and other Nigerian resources. But ever since then, nothing much has been heard again from the stable of the mother of Clarience Peter who was one time lover to Afro JUJU music singer Sir Shina Peters before her fans then asking her what’s up with her tour to Birmingham? Incase Clarion Chukwura is reading this; please kindly tell your fans how far about the tour.

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