Friday, 1 July 2011


If you are conversant with this magazine, you will recall that some time last year, we reported the sudden separation of this slim actress Lepa Shandy from her husband Kazeem who we gathered,

was not comfortable with the kind of character his wife possesses and pronto, packed his bags and baggages and spirited abroad; a story which she came out blatantly to debunk after the issue became public talk. Without wasting time, after some months that she denied the story, Shade Omoniyi, widely known as Lepa Shandy, shamefully confessed in an interview with one of the renowned magazines in Lagos State, City People Magazine, precisely late November last year that her matrimony has crashed like the ill-fated Sosoliso air crash two years ago. One was then wondering what pushed her to confess publicly that she has ruined her matrimony, until of the recent when information making the rounds revealed the amazing secret behind her inability to keep her marriage. There are lots of people who are supposed to be under their mothers for home training before dabbling into marital vow but because of the situation in Nigeria or should we call it economic melt down, they hastily get engaged and go on with marriage without no idea of what they are doing. That is not even the secret agony here, the gist goes, that according to the information flying around, Sade is said to have been going out with a tall, fair in complexion and huge in physique Alhaji who was always seen with her in and out. We also gathered that the Alhaji who yours faithfully can not reveal his name yet, promised to land her in his home and set for proper arrangement for their marriage. This we gathered made her to confess in an interview granted the above mentioned magazine. In case Shade is reading this, kindly make known to us the truth of this matter.

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