Tuesday, 5 July 2011


This life is beautiful, the more you live it, the more you learn, but when one feels too big to learn, it simply means he or she is about to perish, and we pray that our own generation shall not perish. Amen. No doubt is the fact that after work, one should relax, which informed the idea of hanging out every weekend while some, especially so called TV stars prefer parties, which is normal; but when one does these things constantly, it might have an unpleasant effect. Though Ronnie Diko, did not refuse to learn or go to Mogbo moya events, the actress was said to have complained at an event that she was not okay, and that she just managed to come to the event, when she was called to pose for Paparazzi. Having said that, those who can not but abusing her that is it a attend must to event?

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