Friday, 1 July 2011


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, they say, that is an adage that properly illustrates the chemistry of one of Nigeria’s hottest stars who is also a big fish in the pool of Nigeria’s make believe world, highly controversial Ebube Nwagbo. Though it is only God that knows the source of income of any human being, especially in Nigeria where every body engages in unpleasant things to generate money for survival, and no doubt, politicians in Nigeria are like Chief Ambassadors when it comes to financing atrocities, followed by fraudsters known as Yahoo Boys, while Showbiz own is to jostle for Allen Job, hope you know that? We didn’t say prostitution but something similar to that. First time that this actress flaunted her Hummer Jeep at an event, it created a lot of controversies that how and where did she find the money from, while other movie buffs intruded that how many locations does she visit in a month, let alone of year that will fetch her such huge amount of money to acquire a Hummer Jeep? That is not what brought the above question. The question was asked by her fans when she was called by some cub reporters to conduct an interview with her but her response seems as if there’s fire on the mountain, as her voice could not be recognized on phone and she also made it known to them that she is very strong, when the said journalists didn’t understand what she mean by that, they further asked another question to which she told them that she just re-turned from a tour. Well, Ebube, take things easy because a body is not a fire wood and please do it slowly when you have the world at your feet.

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