Thursday, 28 July 2011

Flavour, Badbeats records at war! management vow to sue him

Barely eight months after Chinedu Okoli a.k.a Flavour’s mouth watering deal and recording contract with American based record label; Badbeats Records, both parties have ended the relationship on a bad note.
The agreement, a three year, two albums contract that included a seven bedroom apartment at Magodo, a state of the art Toyota Avalon automobile and several other fringe benefits necessary to make Flavour comfortable including a professional photograph session in South Africa and total artiste make over from looks to wardrobe is according to our source over.
As part of the moves by the record label owners to turn around the fortune of the former Enugu State musician, had also concluded shoot for two of Flavour’s videos; My Woman Is Gone (shot in New York City, America) and Nwa Baby (shot in South Africa by Godfather).
The latter video which gulped millions of Naira has been enjoying heavy rotations on local TV and other terrestrial television stations as well as several music entertainment programmes. Currently the Nwa Baby video is a number on the African chart on MTV Base.
Flavour was accused of breaching his contract.
Our source disclosed that the head of the record label told close confidants Flavour had no regards for the contractual terms that is binding both parties, most of which he was said to have suggested himself.
The musician was accused of playing unscheduled shows and keeping proceeds for himself; and thereby cancelling shows that had earlier been scheduled by the label.
He was also accused of featuring in several collaborations and putting up appearances in music videos by other artistes’ at the expense of his own projects without proper consultation and approval by the Badbeats Records management.
On one of such occasions Flavour was alleged to have gone to play three shows in Sieria Leone and failed to meet up with a visa appointment at the Canadian embassy for a show his record label had worked out for him in Canada.
Since the situation appears irredeemable at this stage Badbeats Records have decided to seek redress in a law court.
Contacted, Flavour’s personal manager; Benjamin stated that the record label had failed to keep its side of the contract, saying “the vehicle which they claimed was purchased was not completely paid for as Flavour had contributed about N1.5 million of the money”.
Flavour he said and contrary to what the label owners claimed, spent more than N1.2 million to furnish his rented apartment when the furnitures were not forth coming from the label owners.
Benjamin further accused Badbeats records of being too slow in fulfilling its contractual obligations, stating that most of the music tours Flavour embarked on were sourced for by his team and that the label was only interested in the proceeds from these shows than the total welfare of the artiste.
On the issue of the videos he explained that Flavour and his team already had it in mind, and had even gone ahead to contact Godfather to notify him of their intentions to shoot in South Africa before Badbeats records offered to assist.
However speaking on behalf of Flavour, Benjamin said they had offered to refund the monies expended on the uplifted album project so far by Badbeats records with a view to starting a fresh agreement on the subsequent albums since it’s three year, two albums deal but Mr. Anderson, representing the label would have none of that.
We sincerely hope that both parties will resolve this issue amicably and sheath their swords for the betterment of the industry.

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