Friday, 1 July 2011


Sometimes, SE feel’s so awful with the kind of reckless life these so called Nigerian showbiz stars live.

Their parrot has nothing at home yet they will be the one to announce publicly what God has done for them. Bible says humble yourself so that you can be lifted up, ask and you shall be given and knock, the door it shall be opened, but our so called TV stars have no business to do with these priceless gift given by God. Wait a little bit; we will analyze the trio of priceless gifts to you. If you can still re collect, sometime ago, there were lots of controversies on this boob-flaunting actress that another showbiz personality was owing her, where she insisted to garner the money back which yours faithfully went further to know the truth of the matter from the horse’s mouth and she made it known to us that it was true that the creditor colleague is a friend like enemy, that she was thinking of how to send her back to genesis, which means the self-acclaimed UK-based actress, who’s kids and husband are based in UK but is always seen in Nigeria, is wealthy. Just bear with us as we analyzed it one after the other. But one would be surprised about what influenced the idea of complementary cards. I will give you the details. There are a lot of complain on her that she is impolite and snobbish. Recently at the just concluded Miss Global Nigeria pageant organized by Enquirer Magazine, a journalist was said to have requested for her complimentary card, but she lied to the pressman that her cards are in her car (ask and you shall be given), without much ado, the press guy, we gathered, excused her and started watching her movement. Not too long after that they chatted, Chioma Toplis, who owns a boutique on the Island called Glamour Riz Boutique and also in Port-Harcourt decided to take her leave while the journalist also made it bumper to bumper for her, while she was in haste, she almost landed herself on the floor, but thank God that she was able to control herself, because, rather than too mush spirit booster at the venue, she was busy with her friends gossiping, she quickly entered her car to disappeared. Trust Nigerian pressmen, he hastily ran to her to request for the card again by knocking at the door of her car (knock it shall be opened), unfortunately the CEO of an outfit cum actress could not bring out a complimentary card; rather she dictated her mobile number. Imagine, upon all the noise that I’m this and that.

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