Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Did you just say ha? That was a slogan that came to our mouth when SE’s tatafo hinted us about the action this Nollywood actress demonstrated at Guarantee Trust Bank, Aguda branch. Before now, no doubt in the fact that Toyin Aimakhu is known as regular customer to media when it comes to scandal and controversies, but one will be wondering what could have happened to the Nollywood’s scandal ambassador when she was spotted at the said Bank in Afeez-Aguda, Ikeja Lagos, penultimate Wednesday 15th June 20011 misbehaving like toddler at the bank. Toyin was said to have unconsciously ranked for an innocent lady which many believed may be her house-maid in the frontage of the Bank not minding that she is a public figure and moreover if that should be done not in the public. As if that was not enough, Toyin we gathered that annoyingly got dawn from her car and impatiently moved into the Bank.

But the way she dress was a criticizing one where the movie buffs that witnessed the shameful episode could not but commented on her look, she was said to have put on a very shameful skirt where her legs looks like pliers and a rough top that raveled her cleavages. Well, whatever may be the case is none of our business but in case Toyin Aimakhu is reading this, we advice you that if not for anything but brcause of the image of Nigeria entertainment industry, please take it easy because you never can tell who is watching.

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