Tuesday, 21 June 2011


What SE is about to say here is none of our business, neither are we beefing the diva who celebrated her kids’ birthday not too long ago, but the truth must be told. It happened recently at 10 Degrees Event Center at about 7:pm during the birthday of Global Excellence Magazine editor. Here is how the story goes. Iyabo was gorgeously dressed that day, with black and white short gown that exposed her blossom, hope you know that? (Boobs), with high heeled shoe, cat walking like Miss World, while male admirers wouldn’t let her be as they were busy with embracement which we could say made her to miss calculate her cat walking after she felt shy. It became obvious they were getting on her nerves and she decided to walk fast, probably to the main auditorium where the event was taking place.

Before one could say Iyabo, the screen goddess missed her steps and almost landed on the floor, and if not for one of the pillars by her side which she hastily held on to, the incident would have been a subject of mockery for the actress. This singular act got a lot of people screaming while some were of the opinion that Iyabo’s red high-heeled shoes caused her embarrassment. Iyabo, if you know that high- heel shoes are your albatross, then desist from wearing it to occasions where you may be ona spotlight.

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