Friday, 10 June 2011


May we not be disgrace or meet Waterloo

the day we expect good thing will to manifest in our lives, that is a prayer point that everyone needs to be pray whenever he/she find himself on the bustling land of world, especially this glorious year 2011. Though it’s no longer news that Emeka Ike has obviously crashed out of AGN’s leadership bid like sosoliso air craft but there’s an untold lies that Emeka reclined to media on the faithful day. No doubt he’s one of the Nollywood personalities who have been trying all they could not to avoid controversies or fall to the other side of pen pusher professions due to the way he comport himself when it comes to public functions. He has tremendously contribute to the forward moving of Nigeria’s movie circuit precisely Igbo move genre which we scooped bagged him Nollywood personality of the Year at just concluded City Pride Achievers’ Awards, organized by City Pride Magazine, one of the fast rising magazines in Lagos. But that became a history as he was disappointed at the Federal High Court Ikoyi Lagos, penultimate Monday 21th March 2011.

According to an eye witness, Emeka Ike was said to have been telling whoever cares to be at said court for the final judgment has he has already believed that the interesting side of coin will fall to his side but it was very astounding to believed that things could not walk in his favour as the court led by the Justice Idris give judgment that Emeka didn’t add the name of board of trustee in the case file which was strutted out in favour of the opposition Segun Arinze before Segun was emerged as the authentic president of the association. Having realized his failure to climb the ladder of AGN leadership seat after their long year’s accentuation on who the leader is, Emeka lied to pressmen who were beside him to covet on their daily activities as they tried their best to get one or two things from the house’s mouth on the unpleasant judgment of Emeka hear him, “guys just hang around, I will be right back. There’s a particular we suppose to include on the file which we obstinately forgot to put, so let me just get home and provide the document”. Having said that, some of his boys or let me call it mogbo moya permit me for the language, who has already prepare to wet champagne as the day happened to be his birthday waited while some who could not avoid wasting their time ebb tide out the premises. After hang around for some ours, the vagabond supporters came back to reality that their man has been relegated from the league of AGN leadership, the pressmen then called him to know what was actually happening, it was then Emeka open up to them that the jthe case has been settled in favour of incumbent president of the association. People who could contact Emeka on that did which he keep on posting them till the day come to an end, “you guys should wait for me, I am still coming back” Emeka reminisced

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