Thursday, 9 June 2011


Based on the report being published by this magazine over an octogenarian singer who picked a new wife at the age of 86, Pa Fatai Rolling Dollar, a.k.a ‘Won kere Si Number Wa’ which is in one way or the other generating controversy in the Nigeria entertainment industry precisely music and movie genre. As we promised to bring you the new development of the story, the bride,

Bunmi Akinbo Gold otherwise known as Esubiyi has as spoken on the story at last. Though, the stars had a wedding together but it was not what many think at first. “well, there’s nothing I can do to this because it has happened, I had a wedding with Pa Fatai Rolling Dollar but not in real life, it was in my forth coming movie titled Ile Oko Dogun also my album Oko Tunmigbe where he acted as my husband and we had our wedding in the movie not in real life. I don’t know how and where the media get the picture from, because I was a little bit nervous when I saw the picture at first, but I have no option than to accept it like that. I will also seize this opportunity to thank this media for the proper investigation because there are lots of journalists that do disseminate such stories without carrying out investigation, forgetting that the man is a married man, while the other part is a married woman” However, when she was asked about what informed the idea of featuring an old man to be her husband in the yet to be released movie, ‘Ile Oko Dogun’, hear what she said: “That is a big question, Pa Fatai Rolling Dollar happened to be father in the industry. Before he became a star, we worked together in the late 90s where we could not contact each other for about decades but fortunately, we were opportuned to meet again, after his wave making track ‘Won Kere si Number Wa’ and he asked me what I was doing but I told him that I was working on my movie and he promised to feature without collecting a dime from me.

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