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Biodun OkeOwo, a.k.a Tolani Osirin needs no introduction when it comes to the entertainment industry, precisely the Yoruba movie genre, due to leads role she plays in blockbuster movies that threw her into the limelight. Though she tried all she could to be in the list of celebrities who keep the scandal-free profile in the industry due to the way she comports herself, but that was not possible for her as bad belles revealed recently to pressmen her secret agony with Demola Oyefeso. In this interview with her, the Itunseje Ogere Remo born actress disclosed to GBOLAHAN ADETAYO, about her career, marital life, the truth behind her affair with Demola Oyefeso among other interesting issues you can’t afford to miss. Enjoy the excerpts…

Could you let us into your background?
I’m Biodun Okeowo a.k.a Tolani Osirin, only girl of family of five, I was born in Ituseje Ogere Remo Area of Ogun State. I have a business woman as mother while my father is a pastor; I have been in the industry for over four years now and I thank God for where I am in the industry today. I had my primary education at Onayade Primary School and secondary school at Jibowu High School, all in Yaba from there I proceeded to Lagos State University Ojo campus to study Communication Art and I graduated with a first class Degree.
Since the last four years when you joined the league, can you still recollect the number of movies you featured in?
I have actually lost count, the only one I could remember are movies that I produced myself which are: Tolani Osirin, Okanjuwa, Oke Irapada, Igbeyawo and Ashise Nla and I am currently working on another blockbuster movie that you cannot afford to miss, though I haven’t titled it yet and I don’t want to divulge the story line, all you need to do is to watch out.
Is Biodun Okeowo married?
Yes, I am happily married
What is your idea about marriage?
Marriage is a learning ground for all females and it is also a pride for every human being on earth, but it is not a bed of roses.
What lesson has marriage thought you since you cut the cake?
One, to be perseverant and to be patient
Has your marriage been blessed?
Not yet, but I had two kids before, I started this new life a year ago.
Are these kids for this same man?
Don’t go there.
Because it is my privacy and I don’t want to reveal it to anyone
But I don’t see anything wrong in you telling us the father of your kids, because if it happens that the children belong to another man, there’s nothing wrong in that?
Gbolahan, please don’t go there, I know your intention, don’t quote me because I refuse to be quoted.
What is your feeling or view about sex?
Sex is a gender and it’s also a game between males and females
So how do you play the game?
You are not my husband, what you are talking about is my private life which I can not share with you.
How often do you think the game should be taking place within couples?
To me, I don’t know but it is a personal matter or let me say emotional affair that can come upon at anytime
Things have tremendously changed from positive side to negative one in Nigeria, especially among the youths, most Nigerian teenagers now involved in pre-marital sex, what is your observation about pre marital sex?
It is a very wrong occurrence among the underage youth, it breaks children’s mind set. So it is wrong and is a sin as well.
What will you tell those that are involved in sins or those that make it official?
There’s nothing about it than to stop it because that is not the best way for them.
So do we say you are also the victim of pre-marital sex?
I don’t know
Were you hooked up as a virgin?
Of course no
That means you are one of them
Na you sabi
How do you get movie role from producers?
I get called.
We often hear that upcoming female acts offer themselves to producers for lead role, did you also experience this?
I have never done that before and I don’t intend doing it in my-life, though rising to the top is not easy because I faced a lot of challenges in the industry but the perseverance, humility and determination, I was able to climb the ladder to the top. Not by sleeping with one useless producer
You were once alleged to be rollicking with Demola Oyefeso, how factual is the story?
It was a fallacy; Demola has not been in Nigeria for over six years before I was entangled to have slept with him over fifty thousand naira which is not true.
Wait, going by your analyses, you said Demola Oyefeso has not been In Nigeria for over six years, and you don’t have any affair with him, how do you know that he was not in town if you don’t have any rapport with him?
Thank you, immediately the rumour was disseminated, I had an interview with a journalist, who made it known to me that Demola has not been around for the past six years, when I told him this rumour in town, he was some how confused and said the man has not been in the town.
How did you feel when you saw the story at first?
I felt bad because I never expected that from the press. They lied against me and I haven’t seen the man they are talking about in my life before.

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