Tuesday, 21 June 2011


The gist has been agog in the entertainment industry now that musical duo of Precious and Kingsley both known as KC Presh have disbanded “separated”. Well in our usual way of not wanting to join the band wagon of spreading false tales we, went ahead to get in touch with the duo and they have both debunked the stories making round that they are no longer together. In a phone chat with Kingsley he told this reporter “Una I know understand too ooo. I am surprised that people have to cook up cock and bull story of us being separated just because they want to sell their papers or magazine. We are still together. How can a family be separated. The story is unfounded, you can ask Precious”.

In a separate phone conversation with Presh, he said “I dey laugh, wetin Kinsley tell you? It is the way it is; it is just some unscrupulous people trying to rub our name in the mud. We are not separated; nothing like that ever happened and good of you to have contacted us”. Well the duo promised us an exclusive interview to talk about what must have instigated the story of the breaking up, stick to the page for the interview in our next edition.

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