Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Benita Nzirebe is one Thespian who has been there done that, but in recent times, she just fizzled out from the movie world. And suddenly she re-appeared on the scene without anybody knowing. Gbolahan Adetayo of News of the People cut up with her at an event recently and she opened up on how she missed out of the movie world and practically re-launching herself into the make believe world. She was in her element as she spoke unguarded on the things that mane her to sign out and sign in of Nollywood.

It's been a while we heard from you, what's been happening to you?

I've been around. I'm good and I thank God that I'm alive. Well, everybody knows that I was away for a while. Now, I'm back and better, But I am back, bigger and better.

So what are you doing now?

I have been shooting since the middle of May last year. I came out from set and now I'm due to go back again in about two weeks. Aside that, I model by the corner. I also have an NGO. Aside that, I'm the coordinator, Anambra State Centre for Integrity and Development in Nigeria. It's not mine but an international NGO which I coordinate, and that is exactly why I have not been very much around.

How do you feel being single up till now?
No qualms, I will get married one day, but that is not the issue for now because I am focused on my career.

Are there no pressures from your parents?
Of course they know how old I am and they know that I started quite on time. Yeah as an Ibo girl it's time to get married. Once you are up to 25 then you are over ripe for marriage.
That means a lot of men have been disturbing you, how do you cope with them?

I'm an African woman to the core and I know that an African man's ego should never be touched. I know how to deal with them. You don't tamper with his ego; you rub him off nicely so that he doesn't feel bad about himself. I talk to them nicely. I know some people always want to tell men off and make them feel bad but that's not me. I don't insult a man or touch his ego but I talk to them nicely. Because, you can't date every man that likes you. I mean, you can imagine how many of them.

What are the qualities you want in a man?

The most important thing is number one, I want a Christian. he should respect a woman, and first and foremost he should be very understanding and reciprocal to my wishes and aspirations in the relationship. Those two things are the most important for me. Also, I hate lies, but I don't really think that African men can do without lies. But if you respect a woman, even when you lie, you'll lie to her respectfully.

Are you telling me that you are not in a relationshipfornow?

Bros, there you go again. You know dey give up Ooo. O.k, there are a lot of them, that's what we are talking about.

I mean, who is that special one?

I won't tell you I'm not in a relationship, ok? I am, but I don't want to split the beans.

Some people think that you are one of the sexiest actresses in the industry, so which part of your body do you think is the sexiest?

You tell me. It's not for me to say. I wouldn't know.

Ok, which part do men usually commend on?

So much about my legs! I don't know, some will say, oh I love your legs. You've got hot legs, beautiful legs, blah, blah, blah.

At what age did you had your first kiss?

Hey, bros slow down now! Haba!

I don't mean to intrude, can you just tell us because you are a star?

It may interest you to know that I went to a convent school. I graduated and got to the University and I didn't know a man until my third year. Could you believe that? That was the relationship that first broke up.

At what age was that?

I will not tell you.
Your final word to your fans?

I just want to tell all my fans that I miss them, but now that I'm back. I'm bigger and better and I love you all.

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  1. Benita Nzirebe is one of the Nigeria actress that I admire a lot. She is a good actress.