Friday, 10 June 2011


Money they say can do all things, what money seems not to do will always reside on land, that is the chemistry that aptly illustrate the story of one of the sons of Nigeria’s billionaire Adebutu Kensiton otherwise known as Baba Ijebu after his son Oladipupo Adebutu botched to clamp the ladder to the seat of Federal House of Representative at just concluded general elections under the umbrella of People’s Democratic Party PDP subsequent to forty million naira offered to the local governments in the metropolitan area which landed him in an unknown hospital.
According to the water tight information at our disposal, OLadipupo Adebutu was said to have offered forty million naira to the four local governments in his constituency which include Ikenne Local Government,, Remo North Local Government and two other local governments in Ogun State to win the election this time around but things turned upside down for him as the youth of the Area majestically received the money and voted for the candidate of their choices after they termed the money received from the son of the billionaire as a bribe and moreover the money is still believe to be part of the funds that his father makes from some of stakers who have interest in playing the jackpot popularly known as Baba Ijebu.
Having realized that he has totally failed the election when the winner of the post was announced by the Independent Electoral Commission INEC of the state, Ladi we gathered quietly fainted in the abode of his father in his home town Iperu Remo of Ogun State Area where he was hastily rushed to an hospital that yours faithfully can not authoritatively reveal.

However, report from another source claimed that he has been battling with the post close to decade now where he distributed motorcycles widely known as Okada, Blenders, Driers and other valuable items to the residents of Iperu and Ogere Remo in the 2007 election to seek for the favour of the people in his constituency but they obstinately ignored him for another candidate. We try all we could to confirmed the story from the horse’s mouth to support this claim before we went to bed, but our effort prove to be abortive as we call his number but it was switch off. We shall keep you inform on the new development of the story as soon as we get in touch with Oladipupo Adebutu.

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