Tuesday, 21 June 2011


These so called Nigerian celebrities sometimes ignore the fact that they are public figures or let us say role models who many will like to attribute or associate themselves with, due to the fact of their profession, but the way they treat their fans is very unfair, forgetting that without anybody embracing your effort you are nothing. There are lots of comments on the attitude of this actor who loves playing the role of Mr. Lover boy. Some say he is a very heartless human being who does not care about people, while others insist that he’s an arrogant fellow. SE does not want to believe this, recently when his facebook fans posted on his wall their comments on Ramsey Noah. Here is one of their comments “why do u post and post bt dnt get comments frm dis nollywood actors. We dnt only wanna b frnd with them bt wanna interact with them. why bfriend us if u aint gonna chat with us.ppl post everyday bt get not even 1 comment o at least a like. **just thinking** ”

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