Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Gold fish, they say has no hiding place no matter how mush he tries, that is what absolutely described the situation of this petite actress who is known as a troublesome in the Fuji House of Commotion, a popular TV series shown on local television stations in Nigeria. Joke apart, anyone who sees the woman on this faithful day will have one or two things to say. Before now, she was not too light like the way she is now, she has finally change in complexioned, lighter than the way she was before. One even wondered if she has joined the league of actresses who use alternative chemicals for their skin. You know what we mean? That thing that turned black man to yellow pawpaw, we didn’t say she’s bleaching but something similar to that. That is not even the gist, the gist has it that the gorgeous woman of substance has tremendously changed from her usual petite look to another one as she was spotted at an event held on Sunday somewhere in Ikeja Lagos. People who saw her thought it was Chinedu Ikedieze of Aki and Pawpaw not until they moved closer to them. Well, this may be because she didn’t wear her high heel shoe that day.

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