Friday, 27 May 2011


The Ibu-Owo Foundation is an NGO and brain child of youthful Raufu Fatai Kayode Ibu-Owo, the Ilorin, Kwara state-born human rights activist, politician, philanthropist and a grassroots mobiliser. For the past eight to nine years now, Ibu-Owo has been offering free computer training and WAEC/NECO tutorials to indigent students and unemployed youths in his initial catchments area of Oshodi/Isolo LGA. The amiable young man said he was moved to initiate the venture after an encounter he had with a promising young chap, whose father could not afford to pay a meager amount for the poor boy’s coming exams. He had to pay for the boy’s tutorials out of pity and sheer commitment to his innate ideals of helping the needy, helpless and the hopeless. That was how the idea of Ibu-Owo Foundation, in conjunction with N.I.G Computers, started in 2003, and today, thousands of students and adults alike have benefited from this noble venture, and most of them are doing well in their respective areas of endeavours today. The Ibu-Owo initiator, who is a History and International Relations graduate of LASU, and a father of one, will however like to correct the erroneous impression that his organization has a political motive. He said, even though, he will not shy away from the fact that he is a politician, the organization is devoid of any political agenda or ambition. “Of course I am a politician and have once contested on the platform of National Conscience Party, NCP to be a councilor in Oshodi/Isolo LGA; but the foundation is a separate idea, because it is borne out of my passion and love to help people, irrespective of religion, tribe or ethnicity”. He went further to say that, as a Nigerian, he has every right to participate actively in politics, but his organization should not be misconstrued as an instrument for him to make an inroad into politics. “I have been using my meager resources to sponsor this noble idea and I will not allow anyone to distract me from doing what I love doing most. Ibu-Owo is a three-part person –a youth/political leader, an economic/job empowerment provider and above all, a pious religious (Muslim) adherent. He intends to expand his horizon in future by providing free health services, scholarship for students, potable water and distribution of food items. Now you know.

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