Friday, 27 May 2011

BIZZARE!! Ex-teenage lover rains curses on Tunde Obe’s brother Segun ….why he remains bachelor exposed!

These are definitely not the best of times for the younger brother of the instrumentalist Tunde Obe, Segun Obe if the water tight information at our disposal is anything go by, no doubt the family need no introduction when it comes to entertainment industry in Nigeria, precisely in the Nigeria music genre. They are one of the highly respected artistes in Nigeria who maintains scandal free profile, not because of their personality but for the way they comport themselves whenever they grace public event that is a must for them to attend. But that became history as the musician Segun Obe was alleged to have been cursed by an ex-underage lover after he had sexually taken advantage of the girl.
According to the allegation, we gathered that the star singer Segun Obe was at a fashion show some years ago where the underage model Aramide Olawuyi who is at the
moment an upcoming actress after which she featured in One Love produced by Kingsley Omoefe and Eldorado a TV series that is currently running on air and produced by Fidelix Duker where she plays the role of Folashade. Segun informed his friend Gabriel who was with him at the venue that he has interest in the girl where Gabriel then helped him out to hook up the girl but fortunately for him, his dream of getting the girl came to limelight as the girl agreed to his proposal.
A reliable source hinted us that some years back after the relationship started, Aramide then asked Segun for proper engagement after she believed that it is right for their long years relationship to be crown as a couple, it was at this stage that the singer Segun realized that Aramide was immature for him to marry and obstinately dumped her after which he had taken her advantage.

However, report from another source claimed that Aramide then rained curse on him which we can authoritatively make known to you that this may be the impediment of Segun’s bachelorship. We tried all we could to confirm the story from the horse’s mouth but his mobile was off till we went to press. We are still digging deep into this rather unpleasant story and we’ll keep you informed as soon as we get more credible facts to support this claim.

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