Thursday, 14 April 2011


….. + how Afolabi Oyekoya of City People came to her rescue

ignorant is not an excuse in the law court they say, that is what aptly illustrate the chemistry of the estrange wife of famous music star Abolore Akande otherwise known as 9ce who was in the news recently that his newly catch Abuja base sugar mummy delivered twins while Tonny Payne was said to have been running heater skeeter for divorce letter. Like I always say, that sometimes that so call Nigeria’s celebrities made me to be apologetic to be a Nigeria due to their reckless or counterfeit life they live. A notorious tatafo who was at the City People’s Excellence Awards which later turned disaster revealed to us that Toyne Payne lost her Volvo V70 car key to the inferno. After the horrendous event that made Nigeria’s celebrities both old and young ran 4 4 40 for their lives, Payne was said to have engaged in expression of grief like infant for her car key. Samarians who was with saw in the position move closer to her to ask her how it happened gathered from her that she went out of the event centre to gossip with friend living her car key on the seat where she seated not knowing that things will turn upside down before she comes back.

However, the source further reveal that after the fire has been haul off by the Lagos State fire service, Tonny Payne was impediment by the security of the event center Balmoral Hall not minding her personage has a star, it was then Afolab Oyekoya who is one of the staffs of City People Magazine felt that the embarrassment was so much to integrity came to instruct the security to gratis her in so as to get property and go, when the key was brought out, it has turned something else to an extent that the key could not move her away from the Area as the car’s security light didn’t help matter thing around 8:30pm of the day when she called her house for spare key.

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