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He’s no doubt one of the highly respect movie idol who has tremendously contributed to the improvement of Nigeria’s movie scene via the then wave making movies which was produce from the stable of Mainframe production Oleku, Olewu, Shaworode, Adede etc. though he was sometimes alleged to have been romancing Hip Hop star Kenny Saint Brown but yet he still wax stronger in the list of Nigeria’s entertainers who are maintaining fairly scandal free profile based on the way he comport himself whenever he graces public function that is a must for him to attend. Little wonder, the Ogboke panadol Extra presenter who is flaunting two degrees as a communicator and drama art at University of Ile Ife and University of Lagos, YEMI SHODIMU was appointed special adviser on communication protocol to the outgoing governor of Ogun State,Otunba Gbenga Daniel. In this interview, the Ogun State born movie icon cum broadcaster told OLUREMI ADEKOYA JR about his career, how he maintains his stability with GSK, his political interest, the crisis in Ogun State among other interest issues you can’t avoid to overlook. Enjoy the excerpt……..          
For some of the people whose really don’t know the latest move about you, Could you please share with us your latest moves?
I’m Yemi Shodimu, a graduate of both University of Ile Ife and University of Lagos where I obtained my first degree in drama Art at Ife while I did my master degree at Unilag as Mass Communicator, have been a broadcaster, actor, writer, singer and presently, I work with the Governor of Ogun State Otunba Gbenga Daniel as special adviser on communication protocol.
Shed more light on the year of your graduation from school?
I graduated from Ife University in 1984 and I did my master some years later in 1999 precisely.
As a special adviser on communication protocol to Otunba Gbenga Daniel and you have been engaged with many assignment both in the movie circuit and governor’s office, moreover you are the prominent presenter of Panadol Extra. How were you able to confront the task together, I mean you going to studio for recording, putting smiles on anybody that request for your service in the movie industry and make your assignment with Gbenga Daniel intact?
First and foremost I will like to give thanks to the governor because he saw me in the industry and appointed me to be one of his aides and obviously he knows that one talent that sustaining one within that industry and he has done all it entails to encourage me and a lot of all these, from the primary love which is art, that’s why may be one of the reasons why my duties has a lot to do with art in the industry and the area of mass communication and performing Art  and the heart of the industry generally are using the medium to not just propagate government messages but  as a feedback mechanism you will find out that yes it could be tough but the truth is that that is the place where my primary love is and one way or the others, one has been able to handle these together without giving way to one statistic in the nations and interest to affect official job rather it’s boosted my performance in government , and it has also enabled me to provide the weapon to use in achieving the high level of efficiency, in ensuring that government keeps to the tracks and ensuring that people get regular feedback about the workings of government  and government has its own part get the way people’s assessment of government activity’s policies and actions.
Within your schedule, how were you able to visit studio for Panadol Extra’s recording?
Panadol Extra programme is a game show that has been package which is not a weekly stuff; it’s being package over a short period and it will last for long period of time, so I’m able to do that during my free era   and of course according to the details of the late client, it is one production after my act because we built from the scratch in times of concept and (GSK) the sponsor has been very appreciative and very supportive. It’s one programme that made the product itself which is Panadol Extra to be number one brand in this category and you find out that one will further busted the reactions of public to it and it keeps challenging the crew, I’m not alone that involve, I work with two other friends together as a team, we were able to keep the concept on top and we are not relenting.
Okay, right now let’s move into politics, as a special adviser on Communication to Ogun State governor, do you have any political interest?
Yes I do, my political interest is to take over the seat of governor in the coming dispensation, and having look at the tenure, the quality, the candidate, the party and all that have come to the very farm conclusion that as the situation being today, that only one of the guys who are running for that seat that is capable intellectually, capable in times of knowledge, capable in times of experience, age, strength , concept, vision,  drive who can take that state to the next level and that person is none other than Gboyega  Nasri Isaka, and I will tell you that I’m putting all that have got behind him, but not just me, the support that the whole populations are putting on behind this young man. And this is further increase about the fact that we are talking about somebody who went true normal process of primaries and won clearly but the power that is being up there is those who belief that they have all power in hand, that can do and undo have collide to stop this representative of the youngest generation, those who has been tagged as the leader of tomorrow for  years, they have collide to stop him and now season the book by the hand, this young man and all the progressives, positive thinking, indigenes of Ogun State who are desire of progress, who are desire of having democratic principles practiced to the letters have moved on  to a new party which is PPN and the thing is catching on like wire fire, people have seen the fraud behind the  small click of the older generations who have painted on keeping Ogun State in games particularly the youth, and of course the older ones, precisely women decided that this is the way to follow and that is the reason why they are giving him necessary support. So that is my interest in politics as we speak, ensuring that democracy race, ensuring that the right person get there and he’s able to lead my state to the promise land.
Aside from the general election that is that we are already in, are you aiming of contesting in the years to come?    
I will be very honest to you that I am not even thinking of such at this moment. My one and only interest is ensuring and praying as well that the right person get to the seat, I am so confidence that GNI  will do it right to get there.   
Taking critically look at the crisis in Ogun State, we learnt that the governor of the State in respect of Otunba Gbenga Daniel has deviated to another party precisely PPN. How factual is this?    
I will make it very simple, Governor Gbenga Daniel is still wax strong in the party of PDP, he hasn’t move out of the party, it is all the  former PDP members who felt enslaved that deviated to another party which is PPN, the new PPN have a platform of ensuring that the truth preface, of ensuring that the younger generations who are set to take over the race of power  lead the new direction to have airway, are the one that have moved,  so OGD is still a member of  PDP,  is possibly be the only notable name that is still left in PDP. So he hasn’t moved, is only other members that are living.
So how his relationship with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo?
It will be nice if this question is being thrown to him, but I will tell you from observers’ point of view, and I’m talking about a very close observer, the relationship is still intact as it was before, it has gone beyond the level of a young man giving an absolute respect to an older man, more so a former president of this nation. The relationship is that of a young man who believes that as a former president of this country, OBJ should be giving a pride of place, more also he’s from our state, the relationship is that of a man that has been well trained living  the opinion of an elder in person of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is vital and his opinion should be listen to but he’s also a man that has his own mind, he’s a man that knows the good from tribulations, a man that knows that principle and pride are not really correlate. The principle in the sense that I know what my contract is and I’m really ready, eager, able to stick to the times of those contracts, so I am saying this from my own bystander point of view,  looking at it from the angle of Otunba Gbenga Daniel and I hope the same goes for Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.        
Now that Action Congress of Nigeria ACN is taking over of some state in Nigeria, do you see PDP supersede ACN in Nigeria precisely in Ogun State this coming governorship election ?
I don’t know about ACN taking over Nigeria, if ACN has succeeded in mired rein and rigging it way into one or two States particularly in south west, wired the craze of judiciary does not translate to ACN taken over the whole of Nigeria that is that. As far as Ogun is concern, you have mentioned two parties that are not in contention in that state as we speak, ACN is not in contention with PDP, PDP still as stick as what you can think of , the one and only last parade victory of PDP in that state was guaranteed by one hammertoe and that will possibly be the only victory that we are stripe to PDP in that state a long time to come, what is in existence, acceptable, popular,  that people are clamouring for, which is what people eager to have  in Ogun, that desire leadership that people are craning for in Ogun , that’s aspiration of all Ogun indigenes is PPN and I will tell you that that is also synonymous to GNI  the governorship candidate of the State, so ACN could play their traces in other places but I tell you certainly not in Ogun,PPN is the party to thrash up.
There’s this speculation in Ogun State that the people of the state are not benefiting from the dividends of democracy in the State especially in Remo area, in times of power supply, water, good roads, housing, what has the administration of Otunba Gbenga Daniel done in providing or proffer solution to those  unpleasant or selfish interest  of mr governor to Remo residents?
Well you described it right, “rumour” and that is what it is, absolutely rumour. If anybody is going to give comments to the administration of Governor Daniel in times of the dividend of democracy is the area you have just mentioned, the East (Ijebu Remo) and I will tell you the same story is what you find in Ogun central, that you will see in Ogun west, so it just a rumour and you exemplify it rightly. There’s no government that have pass through the state as governor that has done what the administration of Otunba Gbenga has done and it’s an endless list. Anywhere you turn to in Ogun State you will find that. So I will honestly live it like that because is an over beating issue and one way or the other, so people that are disseminating the fallacious hullabaloo are just insinuating, and consciously or unconsciously they are debunking themselves, but right now I can just tell you that Otunba Gbenga Daniel’s administration has been the best administration that has ever pass through that state. Name the sector, education, industries, roads, just name it, job opportunities, empowerment of youth and women, the care of aged, social infrastructures, the truth is that at the end of the day no matter what, if you were to give them the whole of Nigeria’s budget to a particular state for spending, there’s no way the state will finish the job that is meant to be done, but in times of performance, I will completely score Otunba Gbenga Daniel 89%.

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