Thursday, 14 April 2011


….Plead to movie producer for movie role

These are definitely not the best of time for this hip hop artiste Kelly Handsome who delve into music scene not too long under the record label of Kenny Music but carve a unique niche for himself through his dexterity of depiction what he knows how to do best, if the information at our disposal is anything to go by. there are many controversies that have been entangled with the singer after his separation with Kenny Music, part of the speculations is that he has been facing these days for survival, we couldn’t believe the story until recent when the singer was caught at an event begging for another means.

According to an impeccable source who witness the shameful event hinted us that on Sunday 10th April 2011 at just concluded Society Entertainment & Style Awards “SES” held at popular event center 10 degrees, situated at Billings way Oregun Lagos, the maga don pay crooner Kellly Handsome was caught at the event pleading to some of the movie stars that were at the event for movie role that he’s also scripts interpreter. As if that was not enough, when Kenny Handsome feel that his request was not granted as the movie stars obstinately ignored his desire, without wasting time, Kelly moved to the main entrance of the auditorium to hold to ransom any of the movie producers that make use of the route, but fortunate for him, he was able to converse with one of the movie stars who just join the league of movie producers through her first production From within Jennifer Eliogu where she promise him that when next she on location she will call him. Trust the Pen pusher professionals, having see the loop whole, they went ahead to confirm the unpleasant tale from the house’s mouth, “yes movie is what have been dreaming to do, it has been in blood for so long but I don’t have the opportunity to prove it but now that I feel that yes I’m now a star let me just seek the chance to take the lead.” Kelly Handsome reminisced. In case you are a movie producer and you have a role for him, I’m importunate on his behalf that you should give it to him because no one knows what we use to offend children. I rest my case.

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